Chipping machine MRN-1


Chipping machine is designed for reprocessing of waste wood, knots of trees, boughs, off-grade pieces of wood on technological and fuel wood splinter as well as for transporting.

Chipping machine is used for reprocessing of carpentry waste. It is also used when industrial or sanitary deforestation is held.

When deforestation is held in cities, the recycling of branches allows to reduce the expenses on transportation of cut trees. Besides, splinter received from recycling process can be used in production of wood-based panels, fuel slugs as well as for compost and for other purposes.


According to the order chipping machines of two types can be delivered:

MRN-1 — mounted chipping machine, is aggregated with tractors BELARUS-80/82, T-150 and their modifications by means of installing on three-point hydro joint hinge and by means of connection with power shaft through the cardan gear;

MRS-1 — stationary chipping machine is activated by belt drive from electric motor (is delivered without electric motor).

According to constructive characteristics chipping machine is a two-disk chipping equipment of discontinuous operation. Main working part of the chipping machine is a rotor, consisting of two massive disks and a bulwark, which rotates in two spherical roller bearing 53612. The disks at peak technological workload help the engine to overcome the resistance to the operation due to the accumulated kinetic energy of flyweight during the operation with low workloads or in time of pauses, for example, wood supply and other.

Six fan are installed on the periphery of disks, they produce the necessary air pressure head (as in ventilator), due to which the splinter is thrown out by the splinter conductor into the carriage or in big-bag. In general, the rotor has weight ~ 240kg. At the front disk of the rotor three cutting knives from wear-resistant steel are installed.

Load-carrying part of the chipping machine is a framework. On its lateral surfaces the places for installing of shaft bearing of rotor are made. Anvils, chippers, loading device and mounted system are also fixed there. In the upper part of the framework the lid is situated, on which splinter conductor rotating 360º is settled.

Supply of timber is carried out by self-tightening. Process of wood grind in chipping machine is carried out in three steps. The first shearing is made by three cutting knives. Their condition (sharpness and clearance between cutting knives and counter-knives, their discharge over the surface of knife disk) considerably influences the fraction of received splinter. Additional knives, situated at the sides of the framework of chipping machine execute all together the second grinding. Final consistence of splinter is received when it enters the zone of gears sectors, which work as hammer-stones and are situated near the outlet of splinter conductor.

Title of condition (character)
quantity value (parameter value)
Chipping machine MRN-1
Chipping machine MRS-1
Productivity, m³/hour
up to 9,5
Maximal size of recycling waste in the butt (or separate boughs), mm
Maximal length of recycling wood waste, mm
2 000
Proportions of received splinter, mm, not more than(length/width)
10 …60/37
Frequency of rotor rotating, turns/min
1 000
Overall dimensions (without tractor), mm
— length
1 700
2 200
2 050
1 900
3 500
3 600
Height of splinter conductor (outburst), mm
3 450
3 600
Weight, kg
Power consumption, kilowatt (hp)
Installed capacity, kilowatt
The required frequency of electromotor rotation, turns/min
1 500

Warranty period of chipping machine operation is 12 months from the day of setting into operation