Chipping machine with self-contained engine drive BELARUS MR-40-01

Chipping machine BELARUS MP-40-01
Chipping machine BELARUS MR-40-01 is designed for production of fuel wood chips from round and split wood, low-quality timber, raw waste lumber and waste materials of woodworking.

Tractor with nominal tractive effort not less than 20kN should be used for transportation of chipping machine BELARUS MR-40-01. It is not included into the delivery set and can be delivered according to additional order.

TypeDragging on single-axle semitrailer
Driving actuatorfrom autonomous diesel engine
Basic chassisMultifunctional semitrailer PM-10-05
Engine D-260.4S2 Technical conditions of RB 101326441.142
— typeDiesel six-cylinder, four-cycle with turbocharging and cooling-down of supercharging air, with direct fuel injection
— power, kilowatt:
1. Nominal (hp.)156,0 (210)
2. Operational148,6
— specific fuel consumption according to operational output, g/kiolwatt.hour249
Machine productivity, m³/hour, not less than40
Operational weight, kg11700±300
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm
— length6 950±100
— width2 450±50
— height3 700±50
Maximal permissible speed of machine transporting, km/hour25
Minimal road clearance, mm300
— load moment at maximal outlet, kN.m27±1
— boom outreach, m, not less than6,5
Maximum angular span in horizontal surface163º
Administration of manipulatorby joysticks from the cab, by electro hydraulic dispenser with proportional control of lifting-lowering of handle, of the boom and their U-turn as well as the turning of duplicator and non-proportional control of capture and compensation head
Cab:comfortable, with large square of glass cover, with heating, washers and cleaners of glass 15300±300
Chipping aggregate:Foresteri C4560 (Kesla)
— maximal diameter of the in-process material (solid/granular), ñm:45
— dimensions of feeding aperture, mm, not less than:
1. width600
2. height450
— cutting mechanism barrel-type polyprotodont (multiknife)
— feeding mechanismcompulsory, combining delivery tray with conveyor and feeding driving rollers
— emission of wood chipsupper, with a hardware for changing height and direction of emission (on height not less than 4 m)
— reverse of feed roller and conveyor belt
Rut, mm, not more than
2 120
Quantity of fuel tanks, pieces
Capacity of fuel tank, liters