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Industrial metal containers

Industrial metal containers for mechanized in-plant and interplant transportation, mechanized loading and unloading, multitier stacking, piling, storing and warehousing of goods in all areas of industry. 

Поддон ящичный

Specialized box pallet R205-000-01

Dimensions, mm: 770 x 570 x 440
Weight of container, kg: 34.6
Gross weight, kg: 434.6Load capacity, kg: 400
Тара Р972

Industrial container R972-000-01

Dimensions, mm: 570 x 370 x 440
Weight of container, kg: 22.6
Gross weight, kg: 222.6
Load capacity, kg: 200
Тара Р1393

Industrial container R1393.01-000

Dimensions, mm: 570 x 510 x 440
Weight of container, kg: 27
Gross weight, kg: 275
Load capacity, kg: 250
Тара производственная Р5357

Industrial container R5357-000-01

Dimensions, mm: 800 x 600 x 540
Weight of container, kg: 57.4
Gross weight, kg: 1057.4
Load capacity, kg: 1000
Тара производственная Р42А

Industrial container R42A-000

Dimensions, mm: 1200 x 1000 x 400
Weight of container, kg: 186
Gross weight, kg: 1686
Load capacity, kg: 1500
Тара межзаводская Р3890

Interplant container R3890-000

Dimensions, mm: 1200 x 800 x 855
Weight of container, kg: 136.1
Gross weight, kg: 2136.1
Load capacity, kg: 2000
Тара для крупногабаритных деталей Р2455Б

Container for large-size details R2455B-000

Dimensions, mm: 1620 x 1300 x 1050
Weight of container, kg: 339
Gross weight, kg: 2339
Load capacity, kg: 2000
Тара Р5247

Container for package delivery of profile and rubber hoses R5247-000

Dimensions, mm: 1620 x 1300 x 950
Weight of container, kg: 196
Gross weight, kg: 1196
Load capacity, kg: 1000
Тара для деталей Р1217

Container for details R1217-000

Dimensions, mm: 1234 x 1000 x 820
Weight of container, kg: 256
Gross weight, kg: 2256
Load capacity, kg: 2000
Тара для деталей Р4667

Container for details R4667-000

Dimensions, mm: 1300 x 1000 x 1200
Weight of container, kg: 255.6
Gross weight, kg: 5255.6
Load capacity, kg: 5000
Поддон стоечный для аккумуляторных батарей Р3241А

Post pallet for accumulators R3241A-000

Dimensions, mm: 1250 x 1000 x 500
Weight of container, kg: 119
Gross weight, kg: 769
Load capacity, kg: 650

Industrial container R8036
Dimensions, mm: 1498 x 1000 x 800
Weight of container, kg: 311
Gross weight, kg: 1811
Load capacity, kg: 1500
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