Steel castings

We provide steel casting services (35, 45 steel). Based on submitted technical documentation we are ready to take orders for any castings up to 100 kg weight and 700 mm casting dimension from above-mentioned steel grades with their further processing. Due to long and constant cooperation with many companies our plant has got pattern equipment for the earlier cast products, which will save your time and money, incl.:

  • track link and sprockets for tractors DT-75, DT-75B, TDT-55;
  • track link UMPF-7501- for peat machines MTF-43, MTF-43, PPF-5, PPU-5, FPU-2, UMPF-7, UF-8;
  • track link OF-7 for peat machine MTP-71, for peat stacker Amkodor -30;
  • case of axle box KPR1-5, cover KPR1-1, labyrinth gland KPR1-7B for peat gondola car mkodor -42;
  • wedge of  flat car side wall;
  • R65 rail baseplate for concrete sleepers.

Baseplate KB-65

Sprocket DT-75

Sprocket TDT-55
Track link TDT-55

Track link UMPF-7501-

 Track link OF-7

Track link U28-1.001

Track link DT-75B

Track link DT-75

Track link of an asphalt spreader


Scraper DS



Cage S500.02.017

Cage S1500.02.017

Cage S1500.02.101


Bracket 5532-3502021

Cover plate 5521-2912412

Support 5531-3502010


Cog PE-

Cog -49

Cover 93-

Case of axle box KPR1-5

Cover KPR1-1B

Labyrinth gland KPR1-7B



Post DSA

Wedge of  flat car side wall