Brief history

Just after the Great Patriotic War there appeared decree 1522 dated June 29, 1945 About the urgent measures for the restoration of drainage systems and reclamation of drain lands of Belarus and outlined a program for solving the food problem, one of the stages of which envisaged the construction of repair and excavating plant.

The main profile of the plant was the repair of tractors, excavators and other reclamation equipment, and production of experimental machines for land reclamation. In 1950 the construction of the plant began, and in September 1953 there appeared the first products.

There were very difficult times for the plant because it was necessary to finish the construction work alongside with the release of products. Besides, it was still necessary to prepare the workforce, as there was a lack of it in the village Phov (a suburb of Mozyr).By the beginning of 1954 due to the course of working professions there appeared more than 50 machinists and mechanics. By the end of the year the plant employed 125 people, including 11 engineers and technicians. By this time a mechanical-repair, tool and model-carpenter's shop, were put into operation. The machine shop was provided with modern domestic and imported equipment; workers and engineers ensured the fulfillment of orders for the production of spare parts for tractors and excavators. In March 1956, the construction works over the mechanical-assembly shop were fully completed

In May of that year the first casting in the foundry was held, and thus Mozyr plant was included into the list of operating enterprises. This was possible also because the plant was assisted by many well-known enterprises of the republic by sending experts to the factory in various specialties. During that time the plant grew as well as the industrial community. Together with dwellings different childcare facilities, shops, schools, sports grounds were built. In 1958, on the basis of Council of Ministers of the Byelorussian SSR on November 28,  764 the plant was renamed in Mozyr plant of reclamation machines, which led to a change in product mix, and thus to the emergence of new problems related to the preparation of new products, and to the increase in quality requirements, technological and production discipline. This caused the need to improve special and general engineering training of the personnel of the plant

Rationalization was developing actively; the production technology was improving. The plant also managed to switch to the production of road construction machinery rapidly. In the early 60s the first domestic self-propelled scraper D-357G was produced.

Since 1960, the plant's products were exported to Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 1966, the company was awarded a gold medal at the international exhibition "Modern farm machinery and equipment" for making trenching machine KFN-1200.

And then at various exhibitions the plant was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of USSR Council of Trade Unions, Chamber of Commerce of the USSR (1972) for the production of advanced technology.

The plant was involved in many of the All-Union special programs, such as the production of trenchless drainage machines that had no analogues in the world, and have always found the most challenging technical and organizational problems. The personnel of the plant has not lost its potential today.

Since 1991 the plant became the rental company. Since December 2000 the enterprise was converted into a "Mozyr Machine-Building Plant". According to the order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus  642 dared October 8, 2004, JSC "Mozyr Machine-Building Plant" was included in the PA "Minsk Tractor Works".

The managing stuff of the plant understand that in the difficult conditions prevailing in the machine-building complex on the former Soviet Union, the only key to success may be just hard work at all levels of management and manufacturing.

The collective of JSC "Mozyr Machine-Building Plant" is advancing in this direction.