General information

We would like to pay our obeisance to you and present you PJSC MOZYR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT — one of the leading machine-building enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. According to Order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus No.642 of 08.10.2004, PJSC MOZYR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT was joined to PA Minsk Tractor Plant.

Being one of the producers of forest, agricultural, road-building, communal and other special machinery on the basis of "Belarus" tractors for 57 years, PJSC MOZYR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT has proved to be a reliable partner and producer of modern and convenient high-performance machines. The company has the certificate confirming that its quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2009 standard. The products of the enterprise has won many certificates of various republican and international exhibitions for high quality, wide production range and high technical level of production. Modern management structure, constant modernization of plant capacity and upgrading of the manufactured products contribute to the success of the company.

Production range of PJSC MOZYR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT consists of more than 30 models and modifications of machinery that are in high demand in many countries of the world.

Due to the combination of the professional team of the constructors and flexible technological base the production is constantly upgraded, the production range is expanded and the quality of the machinery is always at the high level. The company's production withstands competition with the foreign analogs and it is more attractive in price, spare parts and service maintenance costs.

In accordance with long-term plans, PJSC MOZYR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT is constantly developing, mastering and putting into production new machines for use in different economic sectors.

We hope for creation of lasting partnership and mutually profitable relations.